Mothers day diary

時計 keep

How he keeps the curfew

My son can’t keep the curfew.
Every day I even if he shouts,Even if you give punishment…No matter who said it was useless.
Every day I have hard work and It was painful to take care of that
And I have to worry about these things.

Did you brush your teeth?
Did you take a home work?
Have you take a bath?
Have you tomorrow school timetable?

I’m a singlemother.
There is only me who can depend on him.He has only me who scolds me.And…I am the only one who praises me.

Each other’s limit.

But suddenly he can keep the curfew.
A one! I changed my behavior

He keep curfew time.

I sayd him
「Your Great! and Pretty!Truly my son!!!」

Then to hug at feel free to him!

It’s just that.
By it self he can do it.

The person who changed himself will change the opponent.
Surely his future has always been bright.

I’m very happy today by thanks to my son.